What is a Healing For You meeting?

These meetings are open to everyone (even if you don't normally go to church) who has a need of healing from God, be it physical, emotional or mental. We have seen God heal in incredible ways through these meetings, with hundreds leaving free from things which have kept them from living a full, happy and pain free life.

What happens at these meetings?

There will be a time of singing and prayer, followed by a short presentation from Mission24 explaining why God wants to heal you and how he will do it.

These are always encouraging times where you will hear of the amazing things that God has done in the lives of others and there may even be a short testimony or two from within the Mission24 team. Each one of the team has an incredible personal story describing freedom from drug and alcohol addictions, finding new beginnings after life within prison and the gang culture, emotional healing from the trauma of sexual abuse and rejection, healing from autism, depression and suicidal thoughts and many more who were completely healed from all kinds of physical issues. 

If you are suffering right now, we would encourage you to come along and receive prayer. It doesnt matter what the condition is; cancer, arthritus, blindness, deafness, depression, grief. It could even be something minor that has been troubling you such as joint pain. We wholeheartedly believe that God wants to heal you and so we warmly invite you to come and let us pray for you.

If there are no Healing For You meetings planned or close to your location, why not drop us an email to info@mission24.co.uk and let our internal prayer team pray for you.