The Power Partnership The Power Partnership - £9.99


Jonathan Conrathe started sharing the good news of Jesus and praying for the sick while still in his school years. He has since seen hundreds of thousands come to Christ, new churches planted in unreached areas, many healings and even resurrections from the dead. None of this would be possible without the Holy Spirit.

And that’s the message of this book. Discover His ways, His nature, His gifts, and how each one of us can co-operate with him. God invites every believer into a life of miracles through a power partnership with Him.


"This book will place a theological foundation beneath your feet, it will stir you to action, teach you the steps of how to flow with the Holy Spirit, and align you in the very purposes of the Kingdom’s power."
Jarrod Cooper – Senior Leader, Revive Church

"This really is an exciting book. It deals with baptism and gifts of the Spirit in a clear, practical and inspiring way, and the testimonies of how the gifts have been used in Jonathan’s ministry are thrilling. However, this is more than a manual. It is a call to action, and an appeal to us all to enter into an increasingly powerful personal partnership with the Holy Spirit."
Hugh Osgood – President of Churches in Communities International and Co-Chair of the UK Charismatic and Pentecostal Leaders Conference