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I wrote the manuscript for Radical Christianity in 2002, just before the birth of our first son.

The Holy Spirit had impressed on my heart to write a book with especial emphasis on the need for the Western Church to rise up boldly to preach the Gospel, with signs following, and make no apology for the uniqueness of Christ, the absolute truths of the Bible as the Word of God, and its ever relevant call upon humanity to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation.

I pray that the Lord would use these words to spark fresh passion for God and His great cause in the heart of the reader…to reach the world with His life-changing love and power as expressed in the good news of the Gospel, and bring forth from the nations a pure, spotless Bride for His Son.


"Jonathan Conrathe stirs his reader to embrace his unshakeable confidence in the uniqueness of the Gospel to save, transform, heal and deliver. He challenges us to be obedient to the Great Commission and to have the confidence to preach Jesus as the only answer to the needs of a broken world. It is refreshing to hear such assurance in our pluralistic culture, and to feel his passion for a return to the basic principles of God’s Word. This will not happen merely through a renewed zeal and enthusiasm, but out of a life deeply committed to God and lived in forgiveness, integrity and humility."
Charles Sibthorpe – Living Waters Church, Clevedon, UK

"People who know Jonathan Conrathe would say that Radical Christianity is typically Jonathan: uncompromising, passionate, thought-provoking and deeply challenging. For those who don’t know him; here is an excellent opportunity to be inspired and stirred as you discover a man who is sold out for Jesus."
Don Double – Good News Crusade, UK