God Unannounced God Unannounced - £7.99


This exciting devotional book will stimulate your thinking and expand your vision for what God can do in our lives, our churches and our land.

The six weeks of Bible readings and thoughts on revival are written by:

  • George Otis Jr
  • John Peters
  • Jonathan Conrathe
  • Mike Riches
  • Gerald Coates
  • Greg Haslam

Andy Peck

And with each weekend featuring a recent report by Andy Peck of extraordinary renewal or revival, this will all strengthen your faith in a God who works in amazing ways. Discussion starters at the end of each weeks reading, make this ideal for both personal and small group use.

About Andy Peck:

Andy has been involved in various forms of Christian ministry for nearly 30 years: as a student work and as a pastor in churches in the south; as a writer and editor at Christianity Magazine; and as a host of 400 plus interviews with Christian leaders on Premier Christian Radio, still running. He has preached at over 50 churches and some have even invited him back!