Online Impact Training


What is the Online Impact Training Course?

Impact weeks were founded by Mission24 in 2004 with a growing desire to help equip the Church in the UK and overseas to function in power evangelism that is thoroughly established on a sound Biblical framework. Our focus in these weeks is to assist believers in their mission to live, proclaim, and demonstrate the good news of Jesus to the world. They help equip church members in the fundamental teachings of the Word of God, to share Jesus confidently with those who don't know Christ, and to minister effectively in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that he who believes in Him would do the same things that He did (John 14:12).

The online version is designed for those who simply could not dedicate themselves to a week of physical teaching due to work, health or family constraints.


What Will This Course Do For Me?

If you have a desire to be on fire for God, empowered to live by faith, to be able to stand strong and effectively minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, but are unable to attend one of our Impact Training weeks, then this course is for you! There is no set time limit for completion, so you can fit it in around your busy schedule, and we are here to support you throughout.

Over recent years, we have received a lot of positive feedback of how the course has transformed lives for the better, by the grace of God. Some of this was instantaneous, whilst others were a by product of the heart change within them. These are just some of the many things we as a team witnessed and were reported back to us here at Mission24.

1. Strengthen the foundations of their understanding of the Word of God.

2. Sharpen themselves in their calling through the teaching and activation of ministry that takes place on the course.

3. Get released in healing, deliverance and the gifts of The Spirit.

4. Develop confidence in communicating the Gospel and leading people to Christ.

5. Get involved in the work of Mission24 by getting equipped and joining us on short term missions.


What Does the Course Include?

The online Impact Training course contains 18 different sessions, each split out into bite size chunks of 15 minutes, with a set of questions at the end of each session. A full list of topics can be found below.

An Impact Training Manual will be provided to each student alongside this to complete their studies. Students are encouraged to watch the audio sessions in conjunction with reading the manual and then attempt to answer the questions and send them to Mission24 for assessment. 

COVID-19 Update: Due to restrictions placed on local movements, students will be sent a pdf version of the training manual, until such times as a hard copy can be physically distributed.

All answers will be read and responded to by our Team Pastor - Ralph Turner. Ralph is the author of a number of books, which include God Life, Cheating Death; Living Life and The Power Partnership, co-written with Jonathan. He is a member of Chroma Church, Leicester and is Chair of The Leprosy Mission, England & Wales. Ralph has mentored many teams in local churches and also has a Masters degree in Theology.

There is no time limit to complete the course, therefore you can study at your leisure. Mission24 are not looking for degree levels answers and it does not matter if English is not your first language. We are simply looking for a good understanding of what the Word of God says and some examples where applicable, of how you could apply it to your own life. When we are able to really understand the Fathers heart for us, and the power and authority that we have as a believers in Jesus Christ, then the change comes naturally.

"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God". Romans 10:17

Evangelism - Why?

Evangelism, Our Message And Ministry

The Authority Of The Believer

Receiving Power

The Healing Covenant

Ministering Healing


Understanding The Prophetic

The Price & Power Of Forgiveness

Praise, Worship And The Presence Of God

The Father-Heart Of God

The Truth That Sets Us Free



The Doctrine of Baptisms

Laying On Of Hands

Resurrection Of The Dead

Eternal Judgement


How Does the Course Work?

1. Locate the corresponding audio teaching under Resources/Impact Training Resources

2. Use the manual in conjunction with the online teaching to answer all questions set at the end of each audio teaching session. (Click on the online picture to begin the teaching). Each session will consist of 4-5 videos, broken down into 15-minute chunks.

3. On completion of viewing each teaching session, answer all questions set out at the end, using Microsoft word and no more than 3500 words per session answer sheet. Answer sheets are to be set out as follows so that we can clearly mark them:

a.     Name

b.     Session title

c.     Question written in clear

d.     Answer written clearly

e.     Repeat C & D as required to complete all questions in the session

4. Session answer sheets are to be submitted to Mission24 via email to    

5. Our teaching staff with then review and comment using the track changes functionality, and it will be returned to you. Questions from all sessions must be completed in order to finish the course.


Booking and Fees

The cost would normally be £60, which includes the Impact Training Manual, online resources, and marking and return of the students coursework by a Mission24 Team Leader. However, during these times of uncertainity, we feel it right to offer this course for free.

Should you still wish to bless Mission24, you can purchase the online course here


Request your free online course by sendng your name, address and contact details to The free course will include a pdf version of the manual rather than a hard copy. To access this free course, we would ask that you consent to sign up to our free monthly newsletter, where we can keep you up to date with what our mission teams have been doing around the globe. Thankyou



Naty Corrado (Team Interpreter in Argentina) - 2019

"The Impact training was wonderful! We learnt so much about how to evangelise and about who God the Father is. Most of us met with Him in a very personal way throughout the week, and the team testimonies inspired, because we could see that God works through ordinary people. I personally had the opportunity to do some street evangelism with the team, and learnt how to tell others of God's heart for them".

Beverly Nash - Canada 2019

"This course was truly life changing for me. The training was Holy Spirit led, full of integrity and operating under the power of God, with signs and wonders following. Personally I would do it again, as there is always more to learn!".

Pete Hall - 2018

 "I went on an Impact Training week with Mission24 earlier this year. Jonathan is the real deal. I have no hesitation in saying he is an annointed man of God, who walks closely with the Lord in humility, yet there is a mighty strength, boldness and spiritual authority in him that comes out when he preaches. Hoping he shakes up our sleepy churches when he comes to Burton on Trent".

Scott Bates - 2018 

"The Impact training left me hungry for more of the Lord. The testimonies from the team were encouraging, edifying and so obviously relived as they were told. The heart of Jesus is the rock that this ministry is built on. I was delivered, healed equipped and in awe of what I saw on both the outreach and services in the evenings. You will get nothing but the full Gospel!"