Jonathan Conrathe
Founder and Director of Mission24
Sessions with Jonathan Conrathe & Guest Speaker David Lamb
... encouraging Evangelists & Evangelism in the UK & beyond
12th Jun 9:00am - 3:30pm
... encouraging Evangelists & Evangelism in the UK & beyond
Jubilee Life Centre, Grantham, NG31 6EY
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Mission24 is the ministry of UK Evangelist Jonathan Conrathe Mission24... transforming lives through the love & power of Jesus Christ!

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A vision to impact the nations

Our vision is based on Jesus’ words in Matt 24:14 : “ This Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to every nation, and then the end shall come.” For over 30 years, Jonathan has been privileged to equip believers in supernatural ministry, strengthen leaders, build up local churches and conduct missions in 51 nations of the world.


News from the mission field:


What a great 4 days - Mission 24 partnering with Liberty Church, Rotherham. 90+ salvation responses, many healed, set free, baptised in the Spirit and speaking in tongues! All glory to God!


Thank-you to each one of you who has prayed for our Dublin trip. We have had a great time connecting with leaders for a much larger event at the end of this year and for impact training and missions in Dublin and around Ireland in 2020. Today was a wonderful time recording with UCB Ireland followed by this local outreach with Firebrand Church in which there were salvations, instant healings, deliverance and baptism in the Spirit. 11 baptisms to do in the Lake on Sunday! Praise God!

BBC World Service Broadcast at Banstead

Thankyou to those who prayed for my interview with the BBC world service. They recorded the healing event last night, where a number of people were healed and saved. The senior journalist, who understands the Italian language was particularly intrigued that while I was Ministering deliverance to someone who was very evidently set free, I prayed repeatedly in perfect “Italian” (I don’t know a word of Italian) for the lady to come out from under something.