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... encouraging Evangelists & Evangelism in the UK & beyond
... encouraging Evangelists & Evangelism in the UK & beyond
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Mission24 is the ministry of UK Evangelist Jonathan Conrathe Mission24... transforming lives through the love & power of Jesus Christ!

Important Update - Disclaimer from Jonathan Conrathe:

"It has come to our attention that there are various spurious teachings about the coronavirus, vaccinations, and 5G that have been doing the rounds on the internet, preached by a certain “Jonathan” who does not mention his surname, or the name of his ministry or the church he is connected with.

A number of people have contacted our ministry asking if this was me. In fact, I have even been sent the recording several times by different people asking my views on it!

I can assure you it certainly is NOT me, neither have I ever taught anything of the sort.

As a ministry, we are having to put this rumour to rest by putting a disclaimer on our website and social media sites with regard to this recording in order to prevent any further misunderstandings. My focus has always been, and will continue to be, to preach what is clearly taught in the Word of God, and proclaim the Good News of Jesus to the world."

Many Blessings

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A vision to impact the nations

Our vision is based on Jesus’ words in Matt 24:14 : “ This Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to every nation, and then the end shall come.” For over 30 years, Jonathan has been privileged to equip believers in supernatural ministry, strengthen leaders, build up local churches and conduct missions in 51 nations of the world.


News from the mission field:

Recap: Dublin Impact week Live Blog

Jonathan and The Mission 24 Team visited Dublin Ireland and conducted an Impact Training Week from Wednesday 22nd – Sunday 26th March 2017. To equip believers for the work of mission and share the Good news of Jesus Christ, transforming the lives of the local people in the town of Dublin.

Here is a summary of what took place…

GYM Recap: Biddulph Mission

The Biddulph mission started on Thursday 18th May. We had Gateway students in schools in the day bringing the Gospel to the children and inviting them to the evening outreach events that were taking place over the coming nights. The students had a great time ministering to the kids, bringing sketch shows and singing and dancing to the schools.

Thursday evening, we all came together at Biddulph Pentecostal Church for an evangelism teaching event. With prayer ministry following, it was a blessed evening.

Global Youth Mission 24 Recap: Ireland Mission

We travelled to Ireland on Monday 8th May and upon arrival, we were collected by our host, Alex and taken to a church in Kilkenny where we were conducting a youth outreach evening. It was a great night with a response from the whole church regarding salvation, recommitment and prayer. We finished at 10pm and travelled an hour’s journey away to our host house in Waterford.

The following day we were taken to Newtown school in Waterford for an 8:15am start. It was an incredible day. We were given the opportunity to, hold an assembly for every year group minus years 3 and 6.