GYM Recap: Biddulph Mission

The Biddulph mission started on Thursday 18th May. We had Gateway students in schools in the day bringing the Gospel to the children and inviting them to the evening outreach events that were taking place over the coming nights. The students had a great time ministering to the kids, bringing sketch shows and singing and dancing to the schools.

Thursday evening, we all came together at Biddulph Pentecostal Church for an evangelism teaching event. With prayer ministry following, it was a blessed evening.

Friday saw the students back in the schools and again an evening youth outreach event. Two students gave their testimonies of how they came to know the Lord, followed by Claire sharing her testimony. Martin and Milan followed bringing the word to all and the evening finished with prayer and worship time.

Saturday, we headed over to the town centre for street outreach, not before taking the time in prayer and worship. The team hit the streets on a rainy day for two hours, praying for the public and inviting them to the evening event.

The afternoon was based around worship and fellowship time moving nicely into the evening service. As the worship began, it became clear that the presence of God was all around, worship continued and we pushed into a new area with the Lord. The agenda was scrapped! No preach! We went straight into prayer ministry with the entire congregation leaving their seats and coming to the altar to meet with the Lord!

There was crying, laughing, dancing, singing - every emotion was on display for all to see. We left incredibly blessed by all that we had witnessed God do in that place.

Sunday the team were spread over different churches, some preaching, some fellowshipping. And finally, Sunday evening saw a night of impact once again. With a testimony from Dominika, followed by Milan preaching, again, this led into prayer ministry and the congregation were reluctant to leave!

We left having been abundantly blessed by the people of Biddulph and we look forward to our return.

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