Global Youth Mission 24 Recap: Ireland Mission

We travelled to Ireland on Monday 8th May and upon arrival, we were collected by our host, Alex and taken to a church in Kilkenny where we were conducting a youth outreach evening. It was a great night with a response from the whole church regarding salvation, recommitment and prayer. We finished at 10pm and travelled an hour’s journey away to our host house in Waterford.

The following day we were taken to Newtown school in Waterford for an 8:15am start. It was an incredible day. We were given the opportunity to, hold an assembly for every year group minus years 3 and 6.

The topic in the school was 'Choices' and we found that Martin opening-up, speaking of his testimony led nicely into Milan speaking on relationships and sex before marriage, which led nicely into Claire speaking on her testimony and teenage pregnancy amongst other things, then Glynn would often finish off with his testimony - how he grew up in church and what life was like for him.

We found this opened-up the children who were aged 12-18 years, they often found that something from one, if not all of our testimonies resonated within their own lives and as they were leaving the assembly, many times we all received hugs or high 5's upon their exit ... we were able to pray with those that approached us of their own accord. We were blessed with a school dinner whilst there and it took us all back to our own school days and what it was like for us back then!

We left the school at 5pm on the Tuesday and went straight to the local private hospital where we had been asked if we would pray with a lady who was terminally ill with stage 4 cancer, but was currently in the hospital for an infection she had contracted.

She was a real blessing to us and it was a joy to see her complete unwavering faith in The Lord. We prayed with her, Milan and Martin prophesied over her - Martin told her he believed the infection was rare and not many people had suffered with it before, she went on to confirm that the infection she had, only four people in the whole world had suffered from this, it is that rare! She showed us physically a mark on her chest which was the infection and she was due in for surgery the next morning to have it removed ... we prayed and we then worshipped the Lord, singing Chris McClarneys "God of Miracles" over her. It was an incredible time. As we left her, we knew the Lord had touched her in a mighty way.

We were then taken to a church in Waterford where we conducted a healing outreach evening. Again this was an incredible time. We used the same format we had used in the schools, with Martin starting, Milan, Claire and Glynn. We finished our testimonies. Martin shared a word on "Inviting Jesus in" ... the altar was full as we finished with prayer and worship. It was a late-night when coming home but many, including ourselves were blessed that night!

On Wednesday, we were taken to Waterford once again but this time we held an assembly for the year 3 class. We then left to go to a house to pray with a gentleman who was suffering with Crohn's Disease, his faith had depleted as he had spent many months in bed sick ... missing out on his small children's lives, but through time in prayer and prophetic ministry, he was able to reignite his faith in Jesus to heal him and we moved onto a time of worship. It was incredibly intimate as the five of us stood in his bedroom, God moved in that time of ministry and he experienced a touch from the King. It was a pleasure to meet him, his wife and children!

We were then whisked straight back to school to minister to the year 6 students. In the morning assembly they were offered the chance to meet with us at lunchtime if they would like to hear from us or ask any questions, this year they were in the middle of their exams and so we were not allowed exclusive access to them, however, we took the opportunity to sit in the sun on the yard and we we're ecstatic when a group of year 6's approached us, pulling up chairs to hear what we had to say ... it was a great time with three girls in particular approaching us at the end in tears ... one even saying that she needed to know God! With Martin and Milan giving them words from the Lord, they couldn't fail to see God working in that situation and we left there once again, incredibly blessed by the openness of the school, from the headmaster, the teachers, the pupils ... we were allowed exclusive access throughout the whole school, never needing to sign in or out, chatting with the children that wished too in their breaks and enjoying being with them and showing them how God has moved in and through our own lives!

We were collected at 3:30pm and taken for a five-minute ice cream break as we needed to be at a couple’s house for 4pm.

They were both suffering with sickness in their lives, they needed very specific prayer over them and again, we moved in the prophetic, allowing their faith to rise before we laid hands on them and prayed ... it was a great time of ministry and healing for this couple and it was a pleasure to be with them.

We were taken back to the host house where a meal was waiting for us with the pastors from Waterford church joining us, we chatted through the evening outreach that had taken place the day before and fellowshipped with them in intimate surroundings ... the night finished with ministry and our trip was officially over, but not before we received the news that the lady we had prayed for in hospital had gone into surgery the following morning and no infection was found, it had completely disappeared! No mark or signs of it were able to be found! Praise God!

Thursday came all too quick and we were on our way to the airport 2 hours away to fly back home. Ireland left a big impression on our hearts, as we discussed the mission in the car on the way to the airport, we were truly ecstatic with how God had moved in our very short time there. We met with people that blessed us as much as we were able to bless them and we are excited to return in the future.

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