Miracles this week in Boston UK

The woman whose hands were paralysed in Boston, instantly healed... sight restored and deaf ear opened at the beginning of preaching in Ipswich... Jesus is Wonderful!

Miracles in Boston UKSome miracles are instantaneous...most are like that in the Gospels, and we must learn to be like Jesus and see what the Father is doing through words of knowledge, and step out in faith as He did. This is a great key in ministering the miraculous...it flows out of a close and faith filled relationship with Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. One of my most regular prayers is, " Father, please open my eyes to see what you are doing..." What The Lord opens our eyes to see, we can have, when we step out in faith , either to receive or minister it to others.

Lord, open our eyes!

Other miracles are more like gradual healings, recoveries... a process, where God is working out things in us as well as for us, and we are learning to live/walk by faith as a lifestyle and the Word does it's work in us like a patient who takes his medicine three times a day. In such cases, we must be like those who inherit the promises through faith and patience(Heb 6:11-12) and never give up... the manifestation of your miracle can literally be "round the corner..." Let's be strengthened in faith as we praise and give glory to God, just as Abraham did (Rom 4), and like him become possessors of the promises of of God!

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