Mission 24 "Equipping the Church, Reaching the World"

Missions & Outreach

As a mission based organisation, we seek to serve churches and individual believers by helping them to be fully equipped to share their faith in Jesus openly and confidently in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Equipping the Church

We also aim to help raise up local church based mission teams, and provide opportunities for them to serve in mission, communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ across the UK and in various nations around the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is based on Jesus’ statement in Matthew 24:14, which says “... this Gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed in all the world as a witness to every nation, and then the end shall come.

The Father's Heart

Our heart is that the day will come when in any 24 hour period one of the teams is out proclaiming and demonstrating this Good News of God’s great love somewhere in the Globe.

Evangelistic Team

Jonathan Conrathe, the Founder & Director of Mission24, has been in ministry for 30 years, equipping believers in supernatural ministry, strengthening leaders, building up local churches and conducting missions in over 50 countries.

Salvation, Healing, Deliverance

We've seen over 300,000 decisions for Christ, miraculous healings, believers released into effective ministry, new churches planted on 4 continents, through partnerships with churches and church networks we have served.


Who We Are

Mission24 is not in itself an "apostolic network" or movement, but rather a ministry serving the Body of Christ in the UK and overseas through helping to equip believers in effective ministry, conducting missions, providing quality resources for discipleship, and expressing God's heart of mercy to orphans and widows through such projects as Life Link and Child Life Homes.

Although some of the pictures on our website depict our missions in African and Indian, it is worth noting for the sake of encouraging our fellow English ministers and churches, that we do see Jesus performing the same wonderful miraculous healings in the UK as we do anywhere else in the world - see Salvation UK. We love our nation and rejoice that God is doing amazing things in England, as well as in the many parts of the world where revival is in full flow.


Supporting Mission Across the World

Equipping and evangelism are at the forefront of the work of Mission24, both in the UK , and currently in Rwanda, Uganda, Slovakia, Serbia, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, and India. Also, through the work of "Child Life Homes”, 400 orphans and a number of widows are currently being cared for in Mityana, Uganda under the name of "Kings Kids Ministries" - our Ugandan Partners, and a further 15 orphans and 4 widows are being provided for in Kabuga, Rwanda in our newly formed Life Link project in partnership with "Peace and development network".

Hundreds of lives, and sometimes thousands, are transformed every year as mission teams go out preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom across the UK and overseas. All of this ministry is funded entirely through gifts given sacrificially by individual partners of the ministry; people like you who believe in the love and power of Jesus Christ to transform lives and communities. This has literally been our experience as the Gospel has gone out through the teams in various nations, literally impacting whole communities, lowering the crime rate, restoring marriages and families, healing the sick, setting people free of addictions, depression and fears they have lived under for years. Jesus really does change lives!

Would you please prayerfully consider becoming a partner of this ministry or by making a donation.