Training for ministry in Mission24 is provided on a “teach and do” basis through impact weeks/weekends, by correspondence , and by getting involved with the missions we conduct. Having completed the impact course, subject to good Pastoral references, opportunities for joining/leading mission teams in the UK and further afield are provided as available.

Potential leaders of mission teams are invited to join us on an “Impact teams leadership training” weekend.

Impact Weeks

Impact weeks were founded by Mission 24 in 2004 with a growing desire to help equip the church in the UK and overseas to function in power evangelism that is thoroughly established on a sound Biblical framework. Our focus in these weeks is to assist believers in their mission to live, proclaim, and demonstrate the good news of Jesus to the world. They help equip church members in the fundamental teachings of the Word of God, to share Jesus confidently with those who don't know Christ, and to minister effectively in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that he who believes in Him would do the same things that He did (John 14:12).

We have found over recent years that people join us on impact weeks to:

1. Strengthen the foundations of their understanding of the Word of God.

2. Sharpen themselves in their calling through the teaching and activation of ministry that takes place on the course.

3. Get released in healing, deliverance and the gifts of The Spirit.

4. Develop confidence in communicating the Gospel and leading people to Christ.

5. Get involved in the work of Mission24 by getting equipped and joining us on short term missions.

DVD Series

Although we have found there is a powerful dynamic that exists in doing the impact week with others of the same focus and heart, it is possible to receive the same teaching by using our Impact teaching DVD series, available in the resource section of this website. Each subject is covered on one DVD in five separate 11 min sessions followed by questions, scriptures to look up, and activation challenges, so that it can be used as a resource for home groups, youth groups , and individual study.

If you would like the whole set of 18 DVDs, they are available for £200 (including P&P and full Impact Course PDF manual). You can also purchase individual DVDs for £10 each (plus P&P).

The subjects covered are as follows:

To join an Impact Week, or order Impact Training DVDs, please contact us at: