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Listen to the following podcast messages here:

The Power in the name of Jesus - 5 sermons 
Evangelism Why? - 5 sermons  
Repentance And The Love Of God - 4 sermons 
Receiving Power - 4 sermons 
Praise, Worship And The Presence Of God - 4 sermons 
Faith - 4 sermons 
The Authority Of The Believer - 5 sermons 
The Healing Covenant - 5 sermons 
The Doctrine Of Baptisms - 4 sermons 
Ministering Healing - 5 sermons 
Understanding The Prophetic - 5 sermons 
Evangelism Our Message And Ministry - 5 sermons 
Laying On Of Hands - 4 sermons 
The Price And Power Of Forgiveness - 5 sermons 
Deliverance - 5 sermons 
Resurrection Of The Dead - 5 sermons 
The Truth That Sets Us Free - 4 sermons 
The Father-Heart Of God - 5 sermons 
Eternal Judgement - 3 sermons 
Men's "Stronger" 2018 Conference