Mission24 - Equipping the Church and Reaching the World!


Jonathan Conrathe, and his team, prayerfully consider every invitation to minister no matter how small or large, being called to serve, strengthen and equip the local church alongside their work of mission in the world. While seeking to be sensitive to the context in which they minister, the ministry is characterised by bold, clear teaching/preaching of the Word of God, heart-felt worship, and regular manifestations of the power of the Holy Spirit. It is our intention and expectation that churches will be encouraged, strengthened and equipped to make a positive difference in their communities through the ministry of Mission24.

Annual Commitments

On average, Jonathan conducts three major developing world missions a year, six reciprocal missions in the UK, and several missions within Europe and the Balkans. Alongside side that are the impact weeks of training, invitations to speak at conferences and camps, and local church invitations where he is asked to minister in outreach, equipping sessions for local believers, ministry to leaders, and church guest services and celebrations.

Training Weekends

In recent years, many churches have found his teaching and equipping weekends particularly helpful in local church life and ministry. Jonathan offers three different training weekends from the equipping track of his impact week series:

Healing For You: a weekend of equipping in healing ministry on a teach and do basis.

Dunamis: a weekend of equipping in the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Freedom in Christ: a weekend of teaching and equipping in setting people free.

Impact Training: training for ministry in Mission24 is provided on a “teach and do” basis through impact weeks/weekends.

Extend an Invitation

If you would like Jonathan, or a team from Mission24 to minister in your church for a Sunday, weekend, or mission, please contact us