Child Life Homes

The vision of Child Life Homes was born out of encountering the huge needs of orphans, street children and widows in the developing nations where we so often minister the gospel. Throughout the scriptures, God reveals himself as a father to the fatherless and a defender of widows. The aim of Child Life Homes is to provide the love, inspiration, faith and education that every child deserves. The opportunity to make a significant difference in the life of a child is very great and an investment in generations to come.

The children who are sponsored through Mission 24 and the Child Life Homes Program come into two main categories:

Child Life Homes1. Orphans or street children with no real means of support

2. Semi orphans, where the remaining parent is unable to meet the needs of their child/ children

Our vision is to establish Child Life Homes where such a need is clearly apparent. In the cases of situations where local ministries are already facilitating a work amongst orphans and widows but with limited resources, the trust may feel it appropriate to partner with them through sponsorship opportunities to facilitate the care, education and relationship with Christ which each child so desperately needs.

The name Child 'LIFE' encapsulates the vision God has put on our hearts:

L – Love: To provide the care and nurture that is the need and right of every child born into this world

I – Inspiration: To give every child a hope and vision for their life

F – Faith: To lead every child into a living relationship with Jesus Christ

E – Education: To provide the best teaching and vocational training available to us to enable each child to become a self supporting and responsible member of their society.

Child Life Homes: Mityana, Uganda

Child Life HomesIn May 2006, we had the privilege of holding a Gospel mission and pastors conference in Mityana, Uganda just South of Kampala. This is a nation which has been racked with the pain of civil war, aids and the ensuing fatherlessness that is born out of such tragic circumstances. Pastors Robert and Ester Mponye have taken it upon themselves to make a difference in the lives of 400 orphans and street children. Until now they have had no support from Western churches, ministries or aid organisations and while not being able to feed or even clothe many of the children on a regular basis, have done their very best to love, educate and give dignity to these precious lives, who in most cases have lost father, mother or both. As a ministry committed to the expression of Gods love to a broken world we feel that God wants us to stand in partnership with Robert and Esther applying the vision of Child Life Homes to this situation.

Child Life HomesWe believe Mityana to be the first of many such projects in the various nations we are reaching with the gospel. Please stand with us in faith as we take these first steps in revealing the father heart of God to broken societies around the world. We want to invite you to partner with us in this exciting opportunity to make a powerful difference in the lives of these children and widows through your prayers and generous donations. £25.00 a month will clothe, feed and educate a child in the Child Life Home, Mityana. We thank you for your love for these precious children and the difference you will make in their lives. To sponsor one of the many children, or widows in childlife homes, please contact the Mission24 office.