A year to transform your life!

The Mission24 Internship teaches you strong Biblical foundations for your life and ministry, equips you to lead others to Christ, minister effectively in the power of The Holy Spirit, and activates you through ministry and mission opportunities throughout the year.

Mission24 helps you to discover your identity and impact the world with the love and power of Jesus Christ.

We offer teaching forums, discipleship meetings and hands on training in evangelism, including time on missions with the Mission24 Team. The course is a year in length, beginning in September, covering subjects such as Evangelism – Why and How, Discipleship, the Believers Authority, Understanding Covenant, Faith, Ministering Healing, Moving in the Prophetic, Deliverance, the Father Heart of God, Christian Doctrine, Revival history and much more..

All of this can be easily achieved alongside your current occupation, although there is a need to commit to daily study and some missions throughout the year.  

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