Stalham, Norfolk Mission

On Tuesday 18th – Thursday 20th October 2016, Mission 24 went on a weekend mission with Beacon Community Church in Stalham, Norfolk to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the local people. We set out to have a devotional time of worship and encouragement in the mornings, swiftly followed by door to door street work before gathering for lunch at Beacon church. At the end of each day we spent personal time in prayer, before inviting people to hear a message in the evening meeting.   The team had a great time on mission, despite the appalling weather conditions we had not accounted for. Soaked to the skin, evangelists walked through the wind and rain around the Norfolk coast, witnessing people healed and transformed by the power of Jesus. One testimony that stood out, was of a Christian man who couldn’t move his right arm due to the pain he struggled with. After receiving prayer, Jesus healed him and he gained full mobility back into his arm.

Here is a photo of the Christian man that was healed

After each street work we came together for lunch in the warmth of Beacon church, sharing the testimonies we had witnessed – leaving us with just enough time to have personal time with God in prayer, set up for the evening meeting and invite people to come and join us for what was an encouraging time in the word of God.   It was such a joy to see Stalham Town Hall packed out every night with people meeting Jesus for the first time and seeing breakthroughs happen in their lives. We thank and praise the Lord for a total of thirty salvations over the course of this mission. People were healed and others were baptised in the Holy Spirit – speaking in new tongues.

Here is a photo of some of those who responded to prayer

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