Recap: Uganda Mission

The Mission 24 team ran a successful mission in Uganda, Mityana from Tuesday 9th – Sunday 14th August. Wednesday 10th began with the team and the church gathering for a morning devotional of prayer and worship in preparation for the mission. In the afternoon, through to the evening we joined the local people in the ‘Love Mityana Procession’ where we declared the love of God to the surrounding town. We ended the evening with a crusade and witnessed many people receive salvation and healing. Over the weekend, we visited Kings Kid Ministries International and had the privilege of meeting orphans who have such a passion for God, all raised by Pastor Robert & Esther Mponye and their team. Across the evening crusades in this week of august we’ve witnessed sixty people healed and one hundred salvations.

Here are some testimonies from those who went on the mission to tell us more about their experience of Uganda.

Anthony Bostock  

Reflecting now on our recent mission trip to Uganda there is so much I could say. Our hosts Robert and Esther were beautiful people and radiated God's glory in the work they are doing. It was a real test of my faith to go out on to the streets of Africa and share my faith. However, the Lord is faithful and we witnessed many people receive salvation and healing.   Working with the children was the highlight of the whole trip for myself. So, inspiring to see children so talented and in love with the Lord. This has challenged me and caused me to evaluate my relationship with the Lord more closely.   Over all a truly amazing experience that I'm sure will not leave the people of Mityana, or me the same again.   Thank you, Jonathan and all at Mission 24 for this opportunity, and most of all, thank you Jesus. 

Milan Presburger – Mission 24 Evangelist  

Mission in Uganda Mityana, was great time of experiencing Gods love, power and his goodness. It was great to see how work is improving with the church and ministry with orphan kids. From Jonathan's stories, we knew how it started and it was great to see improvement and passion of the local people to work in this ministry. We had great time the whole week and I need to say it was a privilege working with such a great team.   Among many great testimonies, I can highlight few. Just before we left (Judy and me) one of our brothers in our church gave us a prophetic word and it went like this:   ‘You will meet a medical doctor, male, he will talk to you and your team and will ask for help. It is the Lord!’ Interesting word!   On Wednesday evening after crusade night we had dinner and were talking about what happened at the meeting. Suddenly a man sitting at the other table asked Jonathan a question.   ‘Are you the team doing mission here in Mityana?’   Yes, Jonathan said. The man said sorry I did not introduce myself. ‘I am a Doctor in the local hospital and I need your help’. Wow it just resonates in my ear. Suddenly the word I heard before we went came to my mind.   Yes, that is the Lord!   Cut the long story short, the next morning 6 of us went to the hospital and we were absolutely blown away. God was ready to take it over! First off all we were asked to dedicate State Hospital to the Lord! They said it will may be first state hospital in Uganda dedicated to God. Its more often that hospitals are dedicated to the witchcraft. Then we went in couples to the different departments to pray and minister to the patients and staff. In 2 hours, we’ve led 50 people to Jesus (Catholics, Muslims). We were also able to dedicate about 20 children to God. I was even asked to name 2 babies so I prayed and prophetically I give names to two beautiful kids. Joel and Esther. Later, we find out that the Doctor wanted to quit because of the terrible conditions, but because of the word we brought him he decided to continue his work in the hospital.   We’ve seen many healings too. In the evening at the crusade everybody that we prayed for was healed.   God is so good and he loves the people of Uganda and we love them too.   Thank you Mission 24 and Jonathan Conrathe for wonderful opportunity to be part of this trip.

Mission 24 have had a fantastic mission of revival, we thank and praise the Lord for all the amazing miracles and salvations. For more information on how you can get involved in Missions contact us via this email:


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