Jonathon Conrathe's Radio Broadcast across Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo

Last week Jon aired on a radio station that broadcast across Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. This morning we received a wonderful report detailing how God blessed during this outreach.

Salvations - 838
Prayer Requests - 811
Lives touched, inspired and transformed through the word – 2310

Here are some of the amazing testimonies:

"God healed Atwembere of blindness."

"Joseph was healed of general body sickness of which the doctors could not find the cause of the sickness."

"Jesca living in Rwanda was paralyzed due to diabetes. She could not go to the hospital due to lack of money. God healed her instantly and she can now walk."

"Baby Allan became blind after three years. His mother was very troubled and when the Pastor begun to pray on the radio, she placed the radio on the head of the baby. God healed him instantly."

"Margret was healed of a headache that has been on and off for close to 7 years. The doctors could not find the reason for the sickness."

"Pastor Asaph received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit."

"Pastor Justine also spoke about being filled with the Spirit of God."

"Arinaitwe was delivered from bad dreams that tormented her at night."

"Goddie was reinstated back on the job he lost during the lock down."

"Faridah got saved and renounced witchcraft that she inherited from her mother 10 years ago. She was married to a Christian that always listened to a radio and was touched by the power of the Jesus."

"Brendah was healed from a womens issue that had been in her life for the past 3 years. Her husband had abandoned her because of this."

"Jordan reunited with his family after giving his life to Jesus. He had formerly been worshiping Satan."

"Maria was healed from a sickness that caused her skin to peel off."


These are just few of the testimonies that came in. Praise God for His mercy and goodness that is no less powerful over the air waves.

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