Good News & Healing conference

Jonathan Conrathe visited St Agnes church on Tuesday 3rd May 2016, to share on the message, ‘Who Is Jesus to You.’ During a time of prayer five people gave their lives to Jesus. Amongst the five was a woman who attended an alpha course at the church but was reluctant to make the decision to give her life to Jesus. The church had previously been praying for her, and praise God that she decided to receive Jesus once and for all.

Many healings also took place. A woman who suffered with a sinus problem could breathe through her nose without difficultly, another woman could now move her shoulder without any pain. She described Jesus healing her like a fire running through her body into her shoulder. Another woman’s knee was realigned back into place.

The following day, while at a prayer meeting. Jonathan, had a message for the church. These are the four key points from his message:

1. This is the time to press into prayer

2. Repentance

3. The time of Harvest

4. When the time of stress comes

Jonathan then visited The Well Church Thursday 5th May 2016, in Reading and shared about, ‘Understanding The Prophetic’. After the session the team came across a woman in a mobility scooter. They shared the love of Christ with her, then asked if they could pray for her to be well, the woman accepted. After prayer the woman said that she felt full of peace and that the tensions she was feeling had gone.

The next session was filled with people, zealous, expectant and ready to encounter Jesus. Jonathan shared Matthew 8:1-4, when Jesus heals a man with leprosy. This released healing into the lives of the people who received prayer. A bladder condition was cured, legs grew back into place and hearing and sight are restored.

God is good and is present to heal. Luke 5:17 ‘And the Lord’s healing power was strongly with Jesus’.

We give thanks and praise to the Lord for all He has done over this weekend at this Good News & Healing conference. If you would like to join us on our next mission, please contact us here

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