BBC World Service Broadcast at Banstead

Thankyou to those who prayed for my interview with the BBC world service. They recorded the healing event last night, where a number of people were healed and saved. The senior journalist, who understands the Italian language was particularly intrigued that while I was Ministering deliverance to someone who was very evidently set free, I prayed repeatedly in perfect “Italian” (I don’t know a word of Italian) for the lady to come out from under something. As it happened the lady receiving prayer worked through some deep forgiveness issues and then came out from under that oppression, and was healed.

This afternoon, again there were healings and salvations on the streets, and the BBC guys were with me when I approached a lady in a wheelchair who told me she had a stroke last night and was in lots of pain and her left hand had curled inwards and couldn’t move. Following prayer her hand straightened, all pain left, she gave her life to Jesus, and kept exclaiming with joy “I feel amazing, I could run a mile... heat went right through my body, pain is gone, strength has’s the Lord!”

A great time, and then a full 40 minute interview with the BBC to be edited and produced as part of a programme to be broadcast around the world to a potential audience of 80 million people this Easter. 

Thankyou for your prayers! Let’s agree for God to use this for His glory, for healing the sick and for the salvation of those who hear it.

See the BBC World Service Broadcast here

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