Rwanda Mission 2016

Mission 24 went on a mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the local people of Rwanda, from Monday 5th – Monday 12th December 2016.

The team were ministering on the streets of Gisenyi, and in doing so lead the pioneer of the witch doctors in that area to the Lord. He had a desire to see the signs and wonders of God, he wanted to believe. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, a member of the team told him things about his life, that he had dedicated his children who were sick, there was something in his house holding them and he needed to get rid of it. He was transformed by his encounter with God, he went straight home after this and smashed the object that was in his house to pieces. Meeting up with the team, he then accepted Jesus and travelled with the team sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, leading his whole village to Christ!

Each crusade the team went on in the evening of every day was a time of revival. On Thursday 8th December, we witnessed three hundred first time salvations and blind eyes opened, twenty hearing impaired were restored, joint conditions healed and tumours had dissolved.

Also on this day, thirteen young people had performed on stage, all completely deaf and Jonathan Conrathe had a word from the Lord, the word was that ‘tonight they’ll all be healed’ and by the end of the meeting all thirteen were hearing perfectly!

On Friday 9th December, the evening crusade had been interrupted by rain causing the crowds to disperse. The team continued to share the Good News and there were two hundred salvations and a numerous number of healings.

There has been over one thousand salvations and healings among the people of Rwanda.

We thank and praise God for His faithfulness and for the many salvations and healings that occurred on this mission in Rwanda. Thank you for praying and partnering with the Mission 24 team in this awesome mission of lives transformed through the sharing of the Gospel. If you would like to make a one-off or monthly donation, please consider supporting the ministry here


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