Resurrection in Uganda!

ResurrectionI will never forget the night we saw the dead raised in one of our open air Gospel campaigns in Mityana, Uganda... the Holy Spirit had broken out with many miracles that night, there were thousands there, and people were shouting and rejoicing as the blind saw, the deaf heard and cripples walked in Jesus' name! Suddenly, the crowd parted, making an aisle from the back, as four men were carrying a woman. They dropped her body at the front of the stage... inwardly, I felt sure she was dead. my brother and I agreed that we should jump off the stage and go to raise her... I could feel no pulse, there was no breathing, and her face had gone blue/darker in colour than it would normally be. With everything in us, we rebuked death and commanded life to come back into her in Jesus' name... after a few minutes suddenly her eyes twitched... and then opened... she coughed, sat up and said "what am I doing here?!" she then began asking where the tumours had gone... apparently she had a number of tumours that protruded from her abdomen and had been told by a doctor that she could die very shortly... but now they had disappeared! She told us of how she was at the back of the crowd, how everything went black and the next thing she saw was Jesus, about 30 ft above her in brilliant light. She described how she heard my voice in the distance commanding death to release her and life to come back in Jesus name, and how she saw breath come from Jesus like a wind as I spoke those entered her, and she awoke, seeing us both looking at her, praying, believing... she arose, healed, raised up, restored... what power is available to us in Jesus' mighty name!

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Resurrection in Uganda! | Mission 24


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