Recap: Nitra, Slovakia mission

Jonathan Conrathe and the Mission 24 team visited Christ to The City Church to bring revival by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with Nitra, Slovakia on Monday 5th September 2016. We visited the local care home, the town and also held two concerts for mission outreach – through this many people gave their lives to Jesus as they encountered His love.

The Town

The team walked through the town of Nitra where we met Anna a lady who was having difficulty walking. We asked if we could pray for her - she accepted and was healed. She decided to give her life to Jesus, and told us that before receiving prayer, she had suffered with pain in her legs and paralysis in her left arm – as a result her child was taken away. With the physical pain she suffered gone, the team also prayed and stood in agreement with her for Jesus to make a way for her to be reunited with her child.

We then split up into groups to cover more ground, one group came across a lady called Maria. Associate Evangelist Martin Thompson knew through the Holy Spirit that she suffered with Asthma so we asked her if we could pray for Jesus to heal her, Maria agreed and was not only healed but accepted Jesus into her heart as she prayed the prayer of salvation. She said that the burden on her soul had lifted. On the way back from the town we came across John who had suffered with a heart problem. We asked if we could pray for Jesus to heal him and he accepted and was healed. God is good!

Here is a picture of John, standing with Associate Evangelist Milan Presburger and Timothy Gregory. 

The Care home

We worshipped and gave praise to God and God’s presence inhabited the care home and many healings were birthed through those who accepted prayer. There were two ladies by the name of Magdalena that we prayed for, one of the ladies had slipped on the stairs, damaging her left leg and was healed, able to stand up and walk without pain. The other lady was healed from the grief she carried in her heart from the loss of her husband and they both gave their lives to Christ. It was moving to see that God had brought many people healing not only through prayer but also through our time of worship and praise to Him.

The Concert

On Thursday 8th September 2016 in the centre of a Skate park, based in a residential area in Nitra we gave praise and worship to God, before Jonathan shared the message on ‘The Power of the Cross’. The youth that gathered for this were involved in the distribution of drugs and their drug dealer was lingering around within the same vicinity keeping an eye on them, but God had other plans for their lives and they all including, the drug dealer, gave their lives to Christ! We had another concert for mission outreach in Nitra on Friday 9th September based in a woodland park next to a Hockey arena and there was a swarm of hands that were raised to accept Jesus after Jonathan shared the message on the heart of God and the importance of having a relationship with Him.

Christ to The City church

We praise and thank the Lord for all he has done during our time in Slovakia, Nitra with Christ to The City Church. God truly brought revival to the hearts of many. On Sunday 11th September 2016, those who had given their lives on Mission outreach, attended the church service and we worshipped God together. I couldn’t describe to you how amazing it felt to witness God do amazing things during my time in the town of Nitra but I will leave you with this scripture - Isaiah 53:5 But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.

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