Argentina Live Blog

Mission 24 are currently in Argentina having an awesome mission, with Carlos Annacondia and his team. During the evening crusade on Tuesday 8th November 2016 the team witnessed hundreds encounter the Love of Jesus. Here is a video from Jonathan Conrathe and Pastor Nicholas Humphreys (from Bourne Baptist Church, who went with the Mission 24 team on mission) to share with us more of the amazing things that have happened in Argentina.

On Wednesday 9th November 2016, the team went for lunch after a meeting of worship and prayer. They came across three rappers free styling on the streets of Argentina and Evangelist Milan Presburger challenged them to a rap battle and after this they were invited and attended the evening meeting where they gave their lives to Jesus. Here is a video of the rap battle that took place.

Here is another video from the Mission 24 team, sharing with us the latest update of their mission in Argentina.

Here is a short snippet of Jonathan Conrathe ministering on Sunday 13th November, at Prince of Peace Christian Centre.

Mission 24 had an amazing time worshipping with the church on Sunday, a powerful moment in this next video before the youth service.

We've had a phenomenal time with Carlos Annacondia and the team. We Thank and praise God for the healings and salvations we witnessed in Argentina.

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