25 people released into ministry, in Rotherham UK

The Mission24 team had an amazing time at Liberty Church in Rotherham UK, for Impact Training week, as lives were changed by an encounter with Jesus. The first session, Jonathan Conrathe and Stephen Kerry (Pastor of Billinge Family church), shared was ‘The Healing Covenant’. Thereafter, was a time of worship where Claire Thompson shared through the Holy Spirit, to those who were overcome by their circumstances, Psalm 147:3. Which says ‘He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.’

Martin Thompson’s Testimony continued from this and then the team solidified this with a call for prayer. This had a knock-on effect of healings…a man was healed from grief at the loss of his grandad, a man’s back was healed, a woman’s leg grew after the pain in her hip had left, a woman’s leg began to grow after the healing of her back, a woman’s shoulder, healed, a man who had injured his back gardening two years ago was healed. A man was delivered from the spirit of manipulation, a woman who was blinded in her left eye after a surgical mistake, received her sight, a man who was once deaf received his hearing and accepted Jesus.

This has truly been an incredible week with a God who is present to heal and dwells among us. There has been, thirty salvations, ten baptised in the holy spirit and twenty-five people released into healing and prophetic ministries.


‘Last week was truly life changing for Chaz and I. We spent an entire week in the Mission 24 Impact Training. Early on in the week I learned that Agape is a Greek word found in the new testament, meaning a special kind of love. Agape is the kind of love the Father God has toward us and by the Holy Spirit we can show each other. It is a powerful self-sacrificing love that is usually given at the cost of the giver to the benefit of the receiver. This week I was so changed by experiencing this kind of love. The Mission 24 team worked long days and truly gave their all. I am so thankful for their efforts and the way the love of Christ so shinned out of them. This week I have seen multiple healing miracles, salvations, people freed from demonic influence and more…. there is power in the name of Jesus!!! One of our dearest friends was miraculously healed this week. 

At 17 years old she had broken her femur, it was fixed by surgery but left her with one leg shorter than the other and slightly turned outward. The doctors even wanted to fit her with a special shoe with a thicker sole to correct the difference. For the past 30 years she has walked with a “wobble” and often experienced pain due to the strain of walking this way. At one of the evening services this past week she was present. Jonathan Conrathe noticed her walk and prayed for her. By the power of God her leg literally grew out and straightened. Jonathan asked her to walk around and she has been walking ever since with a normal and natural gait. No more “wobble” Praise God!! She is so happy and Praising God for what he has done. Life changing for her and me. This week has left me with such a deep hunger for more of the Lord and His perfect will in my life. Much is to come. God is GOOD! Thank you family of God Jonathan Conrathe, Martin and Claire Thompson, Ralph Turner, and Stephen Kerry.’

Kara Homewood

'I'm back home from my adventure down south! I know God defo lead me in all my time away. This last week has been a life changing experience in the Mission 24 Impact Week training with Jonathan Conrathe and his team at Liberty church in Rotherham. I prayed for an older lady on Wednesday at the healing meeting who couldn't walk in a straight line and had to use a walker frame for 3 years. She returned last night without the walker giving Jesus all the praise! Yesterday afternoon I had a life changing experience with Luke Vardy when Luke prayed for a mans ear to be opened and it was fully restored. This man gave His life to Jesus immediately after that. Straight after that I gave my testimony to a young guy called josh who felt lost in life and had no job and smoked hash every day. Luke and I laid hands on him, he broke down crying under Gods presence and Luke led him to the Lord. Later on in the afternoon I led another young guy called Jamie to the Lord who had drug issues and was wanting a job He broke down crying as well under Gods presence as I led him in the sinners prayer. The whole team had many amazing testimonies of Healings and People giving their life's to Jesus. I couldn't recommend this course highly enough. It's life transforming. I would like to thank everyone from liberty church and all who taught us and all the amazing friends I met this week at the course. This is only the start Praise Jesus’

Neil Duffy

‘Well, what a life transforming week I've had. I'll never be the same. A full week of training and equipping from Jonathan Conrathe and the Mission 24 team. He has done such a wonderful job of equipping the saints for works of service. I feel full!!! His teaching and preaching have been incredible. We have seen signs, wonders and miracles in Jesus name. I have had the privilege and honour of leading people to Christ this week and am truly excited for Malta next week. I feel stirred in my Spirit and have a hunger to see people saved and set free in Jesus name. Hallelujah’

Timothy Gregory

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